Saturday, January 20, 2007

Changing Chandeliers

Admit it, most of us like chandeliers! For so long a time, they are standard lighting pieces in a home of the upper class and one of the most coveted in those trying so hard to become one. Chands are one of the more ornate types of a common drop light. Take it from the word-- Drop Light, it drops from the ceiling on a certain height. Meaning- you have to have a high ceiling to accommodate it (yes, just like the picture above).

In a lot of homes now, standard ceiling height would be 9 to 10 feet. A common chands would be 2 feet in height. Drop it a foot from the ceiling ang that leaves you at most 7 feet head room. If your chandelier is more that 3 feet in height, this is especially true for the cascading ones prevalent during the seventies and eighties, what headroom is left?

Do the math!


Frances said...

Haha, our ceiling is about 7 feet high and I insisted on a 2-ft chandelier anyway. Hung it over the dining table so heads won't get in the way (hahaha). Saw Pamela Anderson's home and she had low ceilings and she hung chands anyway and I thought it looked so decadent and silly and charming!

decorator said...

just make sure you have a table directly below it... it will surely look ridiculous if its on top of an open space... Or you can hang it in a corner...